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Increasing golf course revenues

Golf Buggy Business Calculator

Many golf clubs use golf buggy hire as an additional source of revenue and profit.
To help understand the relationship between leasing costs and golf rounds played we have created this easy to use calculator that is fully interactive. Its as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

To get started you only need the number of rounds played on your course in a year. Enter this in the BLUE area.

Step 2

Any number in GREEN has typical values already chosen.
They can be changed to any number or another lease period or payment number button clicked.

Step 3

The calculator works out all the other values, shown in the ORANGE areas.

Change a number and press 'Enter' or click one of the lease or payments buttons and the page will refresh and recalculate.

Golf Buggy Business Calculator



Your Choices


Rounds per month (1500)    
Average % players taking buggies (1%)    
Average Hire Cost (£20)    
Active buggy hire months each per year (8)    
Total Revenue / Year    



Buggy Costs

Lease Period Options (4 years)   3 Years
4 Years
Number of Payments / Year (8 months)   8 Months  
12 Months
Lease Costs Per Month   (based on period & payments)    


Lease Costs Per Buggy Per Year    


Estimated number of buggies needed # See Note    


Self Select number of buggies (Over rides Estimated Buggy Number)    
Total Lease Costs per year    



Number of rounds per buggy, per month to start making a profit  


To reset the Calculator, press reset and make other choices.


Estimated number of buggies = Total buggy hire number per month /30 days, or 2 if estimated as 1.
One buggy is not a viable number to offer a buggy service.

All figures and calculations in this interactive model are for illustration purposes only and should not be used as part of a business plan or used to secure finance.
Exact lease costings are tailored to each situation and need to be fully discussed with our leasing manager.

Useful Information
KPMG’s Golf Benchmark Survey 2007 - Rounds per year Great Britain & Ireland 26,853 or 2,237 per mth
UK Golf Course Owners Association 2012 - Monthly Average in 2011 = 2,519 so yearly total = 30,228